"They are"
Joyce Kulhawik
WBZ-TV Boston

"One of Boston's top ten plays of the year."
—The Boston Tab

"I can count on one hand the times I laughed until I cried in the live theater, but the tears were streaming during The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special. Every number is a gem; the harmonies are terrific throughout and the musical treats come fast and furious."
—Vicki Sanders, Sidewalk.com

"A happy surprise. Original songs that are amusing as they are catchy. The show still ranks as one of the best alternative ways to celebrate the season."
—Alexander Stevens, The Boston Tab

"Clever yet loving. So many kitschy wigs and campy cocktail dresses you'd think it would be a drag show, but it's not."
—Jeanne Cooper, The Boston Globe

"The perfect antidote to all those synthetic Christmas specials. Welcome at the holidays — or any time. Simply judging from the audience's reaction, they could play the space year-round."
—Robert Nesti, Bay Windows

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Photography by Joel Benjamin.
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Click to download a portion of How Could It Be Christmas, one of 20 new songs in The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special! (180K, MP3)
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Charis Leos as Connie Paisley
Amy Rivenbark as Bonnie Paisley
From left:
Rebecca Bellingham, Amanda Baker, Amy Rivenbark, Sheila Duffy Rehrig
Clockwise, from left:
Wendy Heyman, Sheila Duffy Rehrig,
Ruth Jacobs, Amy Rivenbark