"One of the best alternative ways"
to celebrate the season!"
Alexander Stevens
The Boston Tab

The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special is a hip, heartwarming holiday musical designed to provide theater companies with a fun and affordable alternative to the standard holiday fare. The show is appropriate for theatergoers of all ages.

The Paisley Sisters are a fictitious sister act from the Fifties and Sixties, akin to the Lennon Sisters or the McGuire Sisters. The farcical plot is set during the Paisley Sisters' live 1964 Christmas television special. The action alternates between the TV show itself and the dressing room, where the sisters try to unravel a mystery concerning their corporate sponsor Plasticon.

The cast consists of the four Paisley Sisters, (1 alto, 2 mezzos, 1 pop soprano); Bernard Fortrell, the show's announcer, who is heard but never seen; and Polly Plasticon, a "parrot" who delivers a few lines that may be pre-recorded or delivered from backstage.

The material, 20 original songs and a full-length script (including Sixties commercial spots), showcases the musical and comedic abilities of the cast. Each of the sisters has at least one solo number, and there are plenty of opportunities for ensemble (including tight harmony) singing. Some basic choreographed movement is also involved.

Set requirements are minimal: a unit set with two principal playing areas.

Costumes can be flexible depending on budget. Nearly the entire wardrobe can be obtained at thrift shops, or some items can be custom designed.

Wigs are essential to the plot and the look of the show. The Paisley Sisters presents a terrific opportunity for a top-notch wig stylist.

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Wendy Heyman as Connie Paisley
Clockwise, from left:
Wendy Heyman, Amy Rivenbark,
Ruth Jacobs, Sheila Duffy Rehrig
From left:
Rebecca Bellingham, Robin V. Allison,
Amy Rivenbark, Charis Leos
Clockwise, from top:
Amy Rivenbark, Robin V. Allison,
Rebecca Bellingham, Charis Leos