at the holidays"
— or any time!"
Robert Nesti
Bay Windows

The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special

LyricsJim Ansart, Joel Benjamin
Bret Silverman
MusicBret Silverman
BookSteve Silverman, Jim Ansart, Joel Benjamin, Bret Silverman

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Audio CD's and perusal scripts are available upon request.

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Photography by Joel Benjamin.
Copyright © 2006 Paisley Productions. All rights reserved.
Click to download a portion of Christmas Time in Swingtown, another swell number from The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special! (214K, MP3)
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Clockwise, from top left:
Sheila Duffy Rehrig, Rebecca Bellingham,
Amy Rivenbark, Amanda Baker
Sheila Stasack, Amy Rivenbark,
Sheila Duffy Rehrig, Amanda Baker
Sheila Duffy Rehrig as Lonnie Paisley
Ruth Jacobs as Abigail Paisley